A perfect location for a perfect Tuscan holiday

Villa Vianci is immersed in hilly area located in the center of Tuscany, not far from the main roads

The ideal position to not miss any of what this land has to offer. 

Villa Vianci's central location within this context provides the opportunity to visit and come into close contact with this rich and varied area of Tuscany.

We're immersed in the countryside between Florence and Siena so the main roads are well-connected to the villa, and this permits easy day tours to both of these two cities as well as to Pisa, Lucca and Arezzo.

Siena landscape
Florence landscape

From the terrace of the villa, you can admire the beautiful medieval castle walls that surround the village of Monteriggioni with its fourteen towers that stick out high into the air.

A pleasant walking on the "Strade Bianche" (white roads) that run among the olive groves of the villa, will allow you to enjoy the view the village of San Gimignano, with its thirteen medieval towers that overlook the valley and mark the skyline of the town. Walking straight on the path the way you can arrive to the impressive Fortress of Staggia.

For those who want to go off exploring off the main roads and find striking scenic views, a must is a drive to and visit of Volterra. A unique town which combines Etruscan, Roman and Medieval buildings in a single context.


For bikers and hikers, close to the villa and to the natural park of the Montagnola, passes the ancient Via Francigena, along which you can visit the millenary Romanesque complex of Abbadia a Isola.

Wines and Towns

Wine lovers have to absolutely follow the wine roads of the Chianti Classico area, with a visit to the new Cantina Antinori, and in the rich wine areas of Montepulciano and Montalcino.

In the nearby it is possible to find outdoor activities of any sort: horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking.

For those who want to play golf, we recommend the Abbadia Golf Club, just 8 Km from the villa. This offers a 6-hole path from where you can enjoy a splendid view of Colle Val d'Elsa and San Gimignano.

Tennis fans can find, just 2 Km walkable distance from the villa, the Tennis Club in the town of Staggia Senese which offers the chance to play in a covered or open field beneath the magnificent view the castle Rocca di Staggia.

For anyone wishing to enjoy some time relaxing in thermal springs, we suggest the Terme di Petriolo which offer both a free, outdoor area and a fully-equipped indoor SPA center.

Places to go

Some of the indicated destinations are off the beaten paths, and represent activities and entertainment that any local would visit gladly.

We hope that these suggestions will make your journey even more enjoyable, adding a taste of local authenticity and letting you discover the real core of Tuscany.